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Welcome to the World of Promex

Promex is the internationalisation department at the Padova Chamber of Commerce and was established to help local businesses branch into the global market. It provides a range of services and solutions for local entrepreneurs, artisans, manufacturers, professionals, and small- and medium-sized enterprises that plan on exporting their products. Promex’s thriving global network connects Padova’s huge potential and resources with the entire world.


International style with added value

From Galileo to modern day space missions, Padova's history is studded with women and men who have pioneered and revolutionised a range of fields, including science, music, engineering and business. Thinking ahead is in Padova's DNA.

When you ask us to expand your business abroad, we and our foreign partner become as committed to the venture as you are. Professionalism, care, timing and passion for what we do are the hallmarks of Promex.

When you choose a foreign market or counterpart, or design our cutting-edge training courses, everything we do is another practical step that you, your business and Promex take together towards an international market.

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tel.: +39 049 8208320

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